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Who am I
Welcome, dear visitor who is certainly wondering "What the hell are those colors?!"! You enter here in my den, where everything is kitsch, but also simple, and warm, like your grandma’s house where you used to go when you were little, that grandma that stings when you kiss her.
I invite you to look at my background and contact me if you want us to work together, or just to talk!
  • Name: Sarah COUDERT
  • Languages: FR / EN
  • Age: 23 years
  • Residence: France 92100
  • Job: Ruby on Rails Developer
  • E-mail:
Jan 2018 - Aug 2019
Ruby on Rails developper - TSC

TSC is a digital CX agency. As a fullstack developer, I was able to work on complex projects and for varied customers such as Orange, Direct Énergie, Deezer france, Asterix Park, AXA, SNCF, Vinci etc...

Oct 2017 - Dec 2017
Ruby on Rails developper - Scalia Hub

Scalia automatically structures and standardizes the Retailers products data to make it usable by all their employees and partners.

Jan 2016 - Aug 2016
Intern Ruby on Rails -

Getpro researches and recruits tech profiles for French startups. I was a fullstack developer, sysadmin (AWS), but also taking care of security, reflection and product creation.

2014 - 2017
42 school

Student, but also Senior Tutor. This role consisted of supervising the hackathons and events organized by the school, but also of noting the passes for the entrance contest of the school and monitoring the exams, and making visits of the school in French and in English.

2009 - 2012
Baccalauréat littéraire

Because knowing how to speak and write in french and english can be useful! I can write articles (FR) for example.

My skills


Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Python, C, C#, C++, Javascript, NodeRed, PWA


HTML, CSS, Sass, HAML, slim, ThreeJs, WebGL, Gimp, Jquery, Javascript, Ajax


Salesforce, Mandrill, Vim, Stripe, Dialogflow, Luis,, Unity 2D&3D, Facebook dev, Pagekite, Gitlab, Github, Lighthouse


Amazon Web Services : RDS, EC2, S3 ; Docker, Unix, OSX, Git, PostgreSQL, MySQL


ActionCable, ActiveRecord, Capistrano, Puma, PWA, Sidekiq, Redis, Whenever, Rspec, SimpleCov, FactoryBot, Shoulda Matchers, Capybara, Sinatra, Devise, Slim, Paperclip, Better Errors, Mailcatcher, Cancancan, Omniauth...
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